The best way to trademark your business

Once a business idea has popped in your mind and you want to make it a reality, you should make it a reality but also trademark it before anyone else comes up with it.  This trademark would be the symbol through which your business will be recognized.

Now, the question here is what is the best way to trademark your business.  Technically, there are two ways of doing it and they probably have their pros and cons.  One of them is the cheaper way and the other, by consequence, is only a little not cheap.  Let´s take a look at both.

The cheap way to trademark your business

We have established that a trademark is very important to the survival of your business.  It will distinguish your company from the rest and save you from improper use of your name.  The cheap way refers to acquiring trademark protection through the common law.  It requires no cost whatsoever.

All you need to do is to use it commercially in connection with your business.  This protects it by common law.  So, you pretty much need to do nothing.  Except, of course, to actually use the image, phrase, or combination in every transaction your business does.  Now, it is important to note here that trademarks by common law do not have the advantage of federally registered trademarks.

The safest way to trademark your business

If you decide to actually register your trademark for a presumption of validity, then you will have to incur some expenses.  Usually, you have to fill in a form and pay a filing fee.  Now, doing this yourself is the cheapest way of getting a trademark by federal law and under protection. It is the next best thing after common law.  The filing fee will depend on several factors.  Depending on the size of your business, it might cost you several hundreds of dollars.

The main issue with doing it yourself is that you are prone to making mistakes.  Mistakes must be corrected and then filed again in most cases.  This means that you would need to start all over.  If you have a small business that you are practically running by yourself, finding the time and care for filing forms and requirements might prove a challenge.

If your filing process is denied due to similarity with another trademark or anything else, the filing money will not be returned to you.  The same happens if it is denied due to mistake.  So, your best option here is to hire a trademark lawyer Vancouver.   Before you rule this one out, keep in mind that a trademark by common law can be debatable in court and litigation costs might soar.

Protect your genius idea for your company´s face by doing the appropriate trademark filing.


How to streamline your business processes using apps

If you come to think about it, you personally seem to shy away from any business that does not have a mobile application.  It is a must to provide your clients with the possibility of swiping one finger or two and to tap gently to get things done.   There is no mystery in the fact that mobile applications can help improve business.

Mobile web apps have become the best option to maintain businesses and freelancers lean in the business.  On this basis, we have some ideas on how you can streamline your business processes using mobile apps.

Why a business app

Streaming your businesses processes enhances efficiency.  As mobile applications become more commonplace, small, medium, and large businesses take advantage of it.  These apps are user-friendly, scalable, and being data centric, offer great benefits to enterprises.

These apps help increase employee communications and improve customer satisfaction.

Types of apps

In order for you to know what your needs are, you should be able to know what kind of mobile apps are out there.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning App. These are the best apps for businesses that have several departments. All the systems of an organization have access to data when required.
  • Order Management App. With these apps, the marketing and sales teams can access data anywhere.  They also provide the convenience of tracking your order all the way from tracking to delivery.
  • Content Managemen App. Great option for companies struggling with managing bulks of information.  These apps help organize content for easy future access.
  • Custom Relation Management App. These apps provide a streamlined way of the customer service department to receive instant feedback from customers and evaluate customer service from there.
  • Human Resource Management App.  This is a much more organized way of handling employee information.  HRMAs organize information such as payrolls, attendance records, recruitment and onboarding, etc.

Benefits of using apps to streamline your business processes

If you are still asking yourself why you need an enterprise app for your business, let us go over some of the benefits:

  • You get centralized control over data.  This helps with collaboration, business building, and provides a greater user experience.
  • It is cost-effective by bringing all departments into one instead of having separate apps for each department, which could be costly.
  • Enterprise mobile apps create a better collaboration atmosphere across all departments and divisions.
  • It is a highly scalable option since it is strong enough to manage an increasing number of users.
  • You can access it anywhere at any time pretty easily.  This puts your data at your fingertips and the ability to work on any kind of information even when you could not make it to the office.

Mobile apps are definitively a great convenience.  If you are seriously interested in developing an app for your business, we believe that AY Tech is your best option.  They are convenient and affordable, just like a business should be.


How to take nice photos of your business – why you don’t need a professional photographer

When the budget is low and you are struggling with the first baby steps of your business, you probably want to keep the boat not only afloat but thriving.  Granted, professional photographies are a big deal when it comes to showcasing a business on fliers.  But, take it from a professional photographer;  the truth is that you can take professional-looking pictures of your business yourself.

Now, this might not be a very popular opinion but let me tell you why taking nice photos of your business is best for you:

  • You save money.
  • It is fun.  Come on, who doesn´t love taking pictures here and there?
  • Since this is your business, who better to take snaps of the specific places you want to show people?
  • Once again, you have the vision of what it is that you want your potential clients to see in the pictures you take.
  • It is risk-free.  Digital cameras now allow you to take hundreds of pictures and select the best ones.  A bit daunting if you ask me but ultimately, fun.


Some advice on taking business pictures

I must step in here and do point out that if you want good-quality pictures, you could either get yourself a professional camera or go bold with your cellphone’s camera.

The following are some tips to take the best business pictures.

  • Take candid pictures.  These are pictures where you just shot the environment as it is.  In other words, it is opposed to staged pictures.  The advantage of these shots is that it portrays the real environment of your business.  Staged pictures of a business and their employees is just too…staged.
  • Use natural lighting.  All photographers know that the camera flash many times does more harm than good.  So try to use all the natural light you can.  You should not take pictures with the light hitting the lens of the camera. Shoot outdoors, if possible, or make sure there is enough light in the room.
  • It is ok to edit pictures but don’t overdo it.  Maybe not everyone will be able to, but there is a fairly large sector of the population that can easily tell when a photo has more makeup than Harley Quinn.  You can use your software to crop the pic a little bit, to add a bit of light to dark zones, or adjust brightness.  Don´t get too “creative” with frames and cute decorations.
  • Allow your photos to tell stories.  You need to show not only pictures of the building.  Bring life to the pictures you take by taking people interacting with each other.  Take a shot of a happy customer conversing with your employee.

With practice and willingness to learn, you will be taking awesome pictures in no time.  Now, if you want to have a good kickstart before getting down to it yourself, maybe you want to hire a professional photographer for the initial stage and to guide you through the rest of the process.  YYC 3D is a company that offers real estate photography and I am pretty sure they are more than willing to be of assistance.

How Updating Office Chairs will Increase Efficiency

Are you having issues with work efficiency in the office? And you seem to not being able to decipher what the real issue is. Have you considered updating or changing your office chairs? Yes. You heard that right. Some studies show that office workers who work 8 hours a day in an office, sitting on the chair in a longer period of time often feel stressed and unproductive.

That might also be the reason why your office is not giving the right efficiency that you expect. You might not know it. But the office chairs can be the culprit for the workers and the employees to not working well and good.

Office Chair and Efficiency

Office chair and efficiency, how can that be that these two relates with each other? It’s simple, when an employee is sitting comfortably on a chair, he is more likely to work better.  Thus, he will become more productive and competent.

On the other hand, sitting on a wrong chair impose a negative effect. Back and neck pains are the very common results of not having the right chair. Imagine sitting for hours a day can be tiring and stressful. Your body needs to be seated and rested well on chair. It should be able to give support and comfort rather than soreness.

What to Look for?

Now that you know that you need to update or change your office chairs, then what should you look for? It seems that all office chairs look the same. How would you be able to know that it is the right chair? When you check the Office Chair HQ, you’d be able to find tons of ideas about what type of office chairs works.

Certainly, you’d find a lot of office chairs in the market. In order to narrow down your options, you have to consider some of the features. One is the ergonomic. What does that mean? You need to find an office chair that can give the right kind of support to your lumbar area. The best way to gauge it is that when you’re sitting on the chair, it reduces the stress on your legs.

Although most office chairs might have an armrest, a swivel and a head support, not all of them might work for you. Since people have different body size, height and weight, not all office chairs fit all. With that, you need to find the ones that are adjustable and very easy to manage, like adjusting the height, get it inclined without hassle and all.

If you aren’t sure still about which one to choose, start doing some research. If possible, pick several options first. Then make a good comparison.  You can also check out with other offices and ask for suggestions. Remember, having the right office chairs in the office is always the main key to have a productive, efficient and happy workers. The success of your business depends solely on how you take care of your people. And giving the best quality office chairs is one great way.

How Carol Can Help You With Business Planning

If you are passionate enough about your business there are many ways in which Carol Greenway can be of great assistance.  She truly has the ability to make you love what you do.   But it does not stop there, of course.  As you know, here at Custom Solutions we are about making your business more effective.  A geat coach like Carol will bring great value to your venture.

So, let us break it down into what are the ways in which this energetic business coach will make your business soar.

You can start for free

If free sound good to you, then you can kick off by subscribing to Carol’s newsletter.  You will be getting updates on ways to make your business more profitable.   With her candid and fun tone, each letter is a breeze that will help you get the latest information on business trends.

Go on with free sessions

There is also a good dose of education.  We all love those lists of steps.  Carol offers, with a free subscription, a course of Six Steps to Attracting a Steady Stream of Clients.

A more-than-three-decades experience at your service

One of the great things that a seasoned business coach can offer you is expert assistance.   Through the years, they learn what works and what does not in different settings.  If you are an entrepreneur, you will find enormous value in the more than 30 years of experience Carol has in business.  She has an interesting story and crazy ideas to share with you.   Business is about taking risks sometimes.  You will learn how to cope with risks and how to develop contingency plans.

Jump in if you want to be profitable

Carol has a great deal of information and tools that will guide you through all processes of business.  After taking all the information of your business and market, she will walk you through all the steps that you need to take in your particular context.  This kind of personalized information is pivotal to the success of your company.

Individual coaching is the best

As explained before, a personalized service of business coaching is the best for your company.  Carol is a great business coach that can guarantee success.  This guarantee is backed up by years of experience plus multiple certifications that enable her to speak as a benchmark.  She takes her job seriously and is willing to help you land your much-needed success.



Include Business Signage and Material in Your Business Plan

One of the most meticulous process in starting up a business is the creation of a business plan. It is an exhaustive step that can make or break the future of a business venture. This is why business experts have long recommended to ensure that every aspect that will keep a certain business idea growing will be taken into consideration in a business plan.

Business concepts
Business concepts

A business plan is a written framework and narrative that will serve as the primary guide of the owners and founders on how to go about with a certain business. Ideally it would contain the capital required to start the business, the business model that will be used, as well as the marketing strategies that will be implemented in launching the business. A huge part of a business plan is also the financial analysis, which will establish whether the business will indeed generate the targeted profit within a given period of time. There are two options to accomplish a business plan.

First option is to actually craft it yourself. Being the ones who owns the business idea, it only makes sense to also be the ones to identify what needs to be put in a business plan, as well as the direction that you want for the business to take. However, if you are still not confident about how to accomplish a fully functional business plan, you can always consult other business experts and professional who have broader experience on such task. This way you can be confident to have a professional support and insight on your business plan.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is important to not miss out on the important details of a business plan that are commonly overlooked by many business start-ups. One of these details is the business signage and the materials required. Of course, this does not necessarily apply to online businesses, however, for the brick and mortar enterprises, it is crucial to have such cost included in the business plan. By officially considering the signage in the business plan, it also become more compelling to actually decide on the brand look of the company or

A business signage is the walking personality of any business. With a highly effective design, it can become one of the major source of passive marketing by a business. It should likewise be reflected in the business plan how and where the signage will be located. While it is conventionally placed in the store front, it must also be remembered that there are good business signage that work as effectively when in another strategic location near the store or business office. These are crucial decisions that need to be already reflected in the business plan.

A business with a clear branding from the beginning will certainly not have a difficult time establishing itself in its market niche. Through an effective business signage, it will also be easier to present a new venture to a specific target market. So, if you are planning to craft your own business plan, make sure to not miss out the budget for a business signage.


How Marketing will Guide Your Business Plan

Without a doubt, the most successful companies start up with a very well-defined marketing plan.  Companies have a large written marketing plan that they refer to whenever needed.  They go back to see how the plan can be improved by adding and taking away.  This is necessary since situations and people change.  Whatever worked years or even months ago might not work today.

The best marketing plans cover a year of planning.  In this way, the business plan has a point where to walk towards.  The marketing plan should be flexible since markets change and customers come and go.  Nevertheless, the scope of the plan should be for the following years. This requires a thorough study of what tendencies look like and a sharp and keen eye to extrapolate these tendencies.

A well-elaborated marketing plan will yield a business plan that meets the goals of a company.  In other words, a crucial element of a business plan is the marketing strategy.  The marketing planning should involve all the participants and effectively project the direction to move on for the following year.  It is usually a process that should take a month or so.

Companies that fail at coming up with a solid marketing strategy are missing out on opportunities.  These kinds of businesses believe they already know their customers well and, therefore, do not need to elaborate such plan.

A marketing plan, however, is a thorough description of your clients, that includes data of where they get their information and what are the best ways to approach them.  You can see here how this plan will yield your business plan.  Based on your marketing studies, you will make your business approach.

The benefits of a marketing strategy to your business are easily seen:

  • It provides a destination that your team can work towards.  It is like a boat where the captain knows exactly where to head and how to get there.
  • Organization is key to a business plan and designing a marketing strategy allows a company to have an organized chart.  Yes, it is possible that some things will not work the way it was predicted.  But these small mistakes caused by a small misconception within the whole plan is better than aimlessly trying to move without an organized chart.
  • Reflection on results brought about by a marketing strategy is what provides a paved way for a more accurate business plan.  This is where we see what people are responding to and then plan on ways to provide such services and how to keep up with their own changing preferences.

A marketing plan then becomes pivotal in a business plan.  Without it, a company sails into uncharted waters with a higher chance of finding the bottom of the ocean than new lands.  Marketing Vancouver provides the best advice and resources for the best marketing plan that will help you create an effective business plan.

Oddball Things To Consider: Don’t Lease Property with Mould or Asbestos Issues


Are you planning to lease a property? Maybe you have a good business idea and you are looking for a property to house it—be careful with moulds and asbestos issues. This is particularly true if you are considering an older property. Heritage properties while nice to look at could probably still be using asbestos for roofing and insulation and with age, could be mould infested. This two can post some serious health issues which you need to avoid from the start.

If you push through with the lease, there are a few things that you need to consider. You don’t need to avoid leasing the property altogether since there are things that you can do with these issues. Dealing with moulds and asbestos issues is not rocket science although it can be a bit of a pain.

What to do When You Discover Moulds?

When you find moulds, you need to hire a professional mould removal service. They can help you solve your problems effectively since they are the ones who have the tools to deal with this problem. You don’t need to deal with this problem alone especially if you don’t have the know how. You have to remember that moulds can be dangerous and dealing with it without the proper tools and know how can potentially cause problems.

If you suspect that there is potentially a mould problem in the property, call the professionals immediately before you push through with the lease. They will perform a thorough mould testing and give you some professional recommendationos afterwards.

What to do with Asbestos Issues?

Since the dangers of asbestos has just been recently discovered, a lot of properties prior to the 1990’s use it for roofing and insulation. It was just recently discovered that asbestos is carcenogenic and prolong exposure to it can cause mesothelioma, are rare form of cancer.

Because of this, it is important that if you lease a heritage property, you need to to have it tested for asbestos presence. Although not all asbestos is dangerous, the level of risk is high when it becomes airborne. When you inhale the asbestos fibres, it can remain in your lungs and increase your risks of mesothelioma including some related diseases like asbestosis.

In all these things, you need to consult professionals in the field. The risks are just to high to deal with this problem on your own.