How to take nice photos of your business – why you don’t need a professional photographer

When the budget is low and you are struggling with the first baby steps of your business, you probably want to keep the boat not only afloat but thriving.  Granted, professional photographies are a big deal when it comes to showcasing a business on fliers.  But, take it from a professional photographer;  the truth is that you can take professional-looking pictures of your business yourself.

Now, this might not be a very popular opinion but let me tell you why taking nice photos of your business is best for you:

  • You save money.
  • It is fun.  Come on, who doesn´t love taking pictures here and there?
  • Since this is your business, who better to take snaps of the specific places you want to show people?
  • Once again, you have the vision of what it is that you want your potential clients to see in the pictures you take.
  • It is risk-free.  Digital cameras now allow you to take hundreds of pictures and select the best ones.  A bit daunting if you ask me but ultimately, fun.


Some advice on taking business pictures

I must step in here and do point out that if you want good-quality pictures, you could either get yourself a professional camera or go bold with your cellphone’s camera.

The following are some tips to take the best business pictures.

  • Take candid pictures.  These are pictures where you just shot the environment as it is.  In other words, it is opposed to staged pictures.  The advantage of these shots is that it portrays the real environment of your business.  Staged pictures of a business and their employees is just too…staged.
  • Use natural lighting.  All photographers know that the camera flash many times does more harm than good.  So try to use all the natural light you can.  You should not take pictures with the light hitting the lens of the camera. Shoot outdoors, if possible, or make sure there is enough light in the room.
  • It is ok to edit pictures but don’t overdo it.  Maybe not everyone will be able to, but there is a fairly large sector of the population that can easily tell when a photo has more makeup than Harley Quinn.  You can use your software to crop the pic a little bit, to add a bit of light to dark zones, or adjust brightness.  Don´t get too “creative” with frames and cute decorations.
  • Allow your photos to tell stories.  You need to show not only pictures of the building.  Bring life to the pictures you take by taking people interacting with each other.  Take a shot of a happy customer conversing with your employee.

With practice and willingness to learn, you will be taking awesome pictures in no time.  Now, if you want to have a good kickstart before getting down to it yourself, maybe you want to hire a professional photographer for the initial stage and to guide you through the rest of the process.  YYC 3D is a company that offers real estate photography and I am pretty sure they are more than willing to be of assistance.

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