The best way to trademark your business

Once a business idea has popped in your mind and you want to make it a reality, you should make it a reality but also trademark it before anyone else comes up with it.  This trademark would be the symbol through which your business will be recognized.

Now, the question here is what is the best way to trademark your business.  Technically, there are two ways of doing it and they probably have their pros and cons.  One of them is the cheaper way and the other, by consequence, is only a little not cheap.  Let´s take a look at both.

The cheap way to trademark your business

We have established that a trademark is very important to the survival of your business.  It will distinguish your company from the rest and save you from improper use of your name.  The cheap way refers to acquiring trademark protection through the common law.  It requires no cost whatsoever.

All you need to do is to use it commercially in connection with your business.  This protects it by common law.  So, you pretty much need to do nothing.  Except, of course, to actually use the image, phrase, or combination in every transaction your business does.  Now, it is important to note here that trademarks by common law do not have the advantage of federally registered trademarks.

The safest way to trademark your business

If you decide to actually register your trademark for a presumption of validity, then you will have to incur some expenses.  Usually, you have to fill in a form and pay a filing fee.  Now, doing this yourself is the cheapest way of getting a trademark by federal law and under protection. It is the next best thing after common law.  The filing fee will depend on several factors.  Depending on the size of your business, it might cost you several hundreds of dollars.

The main issue with doing it yourself is that you are prone to making mistakes.  Mistakes must be corrected and then filed again in most cases.  This means that you would need to start all over.  If you have a small business that you are practically running by yourself, finding the time and care for filing forms and requirements might prove a challenge.

If your filing process is denied due to similarity with another trademark or anything else, the filing money will not be returned to you.  The same happens if it is denied due to mistake.  So, your best option here is to hire a trademark lawyer Vancouver.   Before you rule this one out, keep in mind that a trademark by common law can be debatable in court and litigation costs might soar.

Protect your genius idea for your company´s face by doing the appropriate trademark filing.


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